Our History

Turnbull Electronics founded in May of 1989 is still owned and operated by its founder John Turnbull.  The company started by providing Residential and Commercial Security Alarm systems to its customers. This included Design, Sales, Installation and Service.

I have been asked several times why I started the company.  I started my company after seeing the customers need for more professional installation and service.

Many times when I was working for other companies, I realized that I was servicing a customer only because the technician who installed the system cut corners, or because the last service technician was not qualified and not able to make the repair.

So after seeing the customer’s frustration and my own frustration, I decided to start Turnbull Electronics.  This way I could install systems they way they should be installed.  I could service customers with the results they should be receiving.

When I was employed by a Security company here in Peoria, (now a competitor), I decided to do a little research and found that many systems just plain never got used after the initial installations.  Many customers had problems with those systems, be it poor installations, or just poor instruction on how to use those systems.  (I have made it a point not to let this happen at Turnbull Electronics Co.)

I was quite evident that there was a need for another Security Company in Central Illinois.  So I started Turnbull Electronics.

A few years later as the company started to grow we expanded the scope of our work to include Commercial and Residential systems.  We also expanded on the types of systems we provided and worked with as well.

We have been located in Washington since our start.  We are conveniently located close to Peoria and several other communities, including the Bloomington / Normal area.

Though our company may not be the largest of its type in central Illinois we feel we are just the right size to be able to still provide large scale systems such as addressable fire alarm for a 12 story 200 unit apartment building in Peoria or a simple security system for an elderly gentleman in Morton.  Being the largest does not always mean being the best.

Through the years we have been able to maintain a personal connection with our customers making theirs and our experience a much more satisfying and fulfilling one.  Knowing that we have been able to do our best on every project, vs. selling the most projects we can, has been quite satisfying.

That’s why our staff strives to provide excellent service to all of our customers. Every Turnbull Electronics Company employee is committed to providing customers with courteous, helpful service at all times. The continued success of our company depends on how well we treat our customers.


Licensed in State of Illinois # 127.000919 / #124.001220

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