Tammy C.

I have had my alarm system with Turnbull Electronics since 2005.  During that time, I have been able to trust that my home will be monitored reliably either while I am away or at home.

John and his team to out of their way to make sure that your system is working properly and are genuinely concerned for their customers safety.  They monitor how many times your alarm goes off and call to check on the reasons.

During the installation process, they looked at every aspect of my home and came up with different alternatives for installation of the alarms in my home.  The alarms were placed throughout my home so they are not noticed upon entry to the rooms.  The suggestion for motion alarms was wonderful since it was more cost effective than alarming my many windows.  The annual service costs are very reasonable and cheaper than any other company I have checked.

Had I known that the alarm system was movable before I listed my home for sale, I would have had it moved to my new home.  I think that an alarm system should be installed in every home, not only for burglar threats but also for fire and smoke detection.  The alarm system added an extra sense of safety for my family and me.

I look forward to continuing my business with Turnbull Electronics in my new home and would recommend them over any of the other companies.