My wife and I are very pleased with the system you installed in our home.  We have found it to be very easy to use and it gives us a feeling of security and confidence.  We would recommend your services to anyone interested in a professional installation of a quality security system.
Chuck W. | September 11, 2017
I have had my alarm system with Turnbull Electronics since 2005.  During that time, I have been able to trust that my home will be monitored reliably either while I am away or at home. John and his team to out of their way to make sure that your system is working properly and are genuinely concerned for their customers safety.  They monitor how many times your alarm goes off and call to check on the reasons. During the installation process, they looked at every aspect of my home and came up with different alternatives for installation of the alarms in my home.  The alarms were placed throughout my home so they are not noticed upon entry to the rooms.  The suggestion for motion alarms was wonderful since it was more cost effective than alarming my many windows.  The annual service costs are very reasonable and cheaper than any other company I have checked. Had I known that the alarm system was movable before I listed my home for sale, I would have had it moved to my new home.  I think that an alarm system should be installed in every home, not only for burglar threats but also for fire and smoke detection.  The alarm system added an extra sense of safety for my family and me. I look forward to continuing my business with Turnbull Electronics in my new home and would recommend them over any of the other companies.
Tammy C. | September 11, 2017
Thank you so much for the many years of outstanding service you have given me with my home security system!  I have been greatly satisfied with the function of the system, the service of your staff and the often personal response yourself to my concerns!  Everyone is friendly, helpful, trustworthy & reliable. You have an excellent company & your product & service is of high value for the cost. I recommend you to others whenever asked!
Kathy A. | February 11, 2019
Thank you,  for being so quick and professional. This was a great experience. I will be sure to pass on the good word.  Again, Thanks.
Shelly M. | February 11, 2019
Turnbull Electronics has provided security for District 50 Schools since 2001. District 50 Schools, John L Hensey Elementary and Beverly Manor Junior High School, have a strong partnership with Turnbull Electronics.  Our requests are always met with a quick response and the level of service is always professional.  Security in our buildings is monitored in a consistent, trouble-free manner. John, Tracy, and Crystal are always pleasant and knowledgeable.  Working with Turnbull Electronics, District 50 has been able to install card readers at all major entryways, thus providing a more secure environment for our students and employees. We look forward to a strong continued partnership with Turnbull Electronics.
Susan D. | February 11, 2019
Very satisfied overall – next best thing to having maids and servants! Thanks to all.
Sherry B. | February 19, 2019
I am very happy with my central vac – I think it keeps the house a lot cleaner.  We vacuum the garage too-- it’s really easy. Does a great job and the dirt isn’t drug into the house from the garage.  It’s handy just carrying a hose & powerhead upstairs or to the basement.  The central vac was probably the best-spent investment we put into our new home!
Carol H. | February 19, 2019
We have been completely satisfied with our Beam whole-house vac system.  I would highly recommend it to anyone building a home.  The staff at Turnbull Electronics are always friendly and helpful.
Debbie K. | February 19, 2019
We are so pleased with our CVS!  It’s great!  The whole process was painless, even worked it out so we didn’t have to have a 4th outlet, real money savings!  Thanks!
Lonny & Angie L. | February 19, 2019
Thank you,  For being so quick and professional
Shelly M. | February 19, 2019
I love my central vacuum system, I couldn’t be without one
Janice N. | February 19, 2019
At the time I met you, I instantly felt like I could trust you.  I appreciated your courtesy & honesty.  Courtesy, honesty & trust are things you don’t come across very often when you are building or remodeling.
Becca S. | February 19, 2019
We would recommend your services to anyone interested in a professional installation of a quality security system.”
Andrew M. | February 19, 2019
My husband put a vac pan down in my hair salon, and it is wonderful when I am sweeping up hair and my customers are just amazed!
Gina H. | February 19, 2019

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