What We Do

Turnbull Electronics is a low voltage contractor, who has expanded its line of equipment and expertise to include a complete line of systems for Residential and Commercial applications.

Those systems include:

-Security Systems

-Fire Alarms

-CCTV or Surveillance systems

-Card Access Systems

-School intercoms

-Apartment Entry Intercoms

-Public Address Audio Systems

-Voice and Data Wiring

-Emergency Medical Call Systems

-Personal Emergency Systems

-Home Theater & Whole house audio

-Central Vacuum Systems

-Phone Systems


We can Design, Sell, install and service all of the systems above. We can also service and maintain systems not installed by us. Many times we have had customers come to us who have been told that their system has reached its end of life and needs to be replaced.  Only to find after we repair that same system that there was many years service still available from that same system.

We understand that even if a system is old and needs replaced that not always is a replacement system in the budget.  Our customers can rely on Turnbull Electronics to do there best to maintain older legacy system till money can be budgeted for such projects.  We pride ourselves on repairing and servicing systems that our competition would pre-maturely call obsolete

A good example of this is our fire alarm systems.  Our addressable / conventional fire alarm system let us install a new control panel at a site using existing devices.  Then later go in and convert and replace the old conventional devices with new addressable devices.  This allows the customer to spread the cost of a replacement over several years instead of one huge expense all at once.

In addition we offer some of the newest technologies like addressable fire alarm systems where multiple panels can be networked together covering the largest of buildings or campuses.  CCTV systems with IP mega pixel cameras that can be viewed over the Internet, Or even communicating to our central station from via TCP/IP over the Internet or by cellular transmission.


Licensed in State of Illinois # 127.000919 / #124.001220

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